• To help us make decisions that will define the future of our product by:
    • Keeping track of who our competitors are (direct/indirect), what products they offer, and what is their value proposition.
    • Monitoring the market to identify threats and opportunities that will help us define new features and priorities in our Product Roadmap.
  • To help the UX team understand what would make a user's experience more intuitive and delightful by:
    • Conducting User Interviews to keep an eye on who our User Personas are, and what their needs are considering this always changing context.
    • Performing Usability Testing to capture Usability Issues on our current implementation.
    • Performing Usability Testing of prototyped features to detect pain points and goals.
    • Conducting frequent primary / secondary research to detect Users Needs that will help us explore new features, and to define the best UX Content (wording for our app's CTAs, Instructional texts, Onboardings, etc.
    • Conducting heuristic evaluations to help us detect potential usability issues.
    • Identifying, summarizing, and communicating the most relevant findings.


  • Oral and written presentations
  • Evaluating qualitative and quantitative data
  • Primary Research: Interviews, Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Surveys, Questionnaires, Focus Groups.
  • Secondary Research: Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluations.

Background / Requirements

  • Marketing / Psychology / Human-Behaviour studies or associated work experience.
  • Previous work experience in UX / Marketing or Product Research (UX knowledge is desired but not mandatory since the role is more associated with research and summarizing findings)
  • Excellent communication skills to present findings.
  • Proactivity and Self-organization.
  • Team Player.
  • Experience with remote testing tools and with remote teams.
  • Walker :P